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CJ Lang was first to market this product


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Widely regarded as "Scotland's other national drink" (second only to whisky), Barr’s released two extensions of their classic Irn Bru soft drink in 2019: Barr’s Energy Drink and Barr’s 1901. Produced in North Lanarkshire by A.G. Barr, the product was sold throughout Scotland, with SPAR being the first store to market the product.

The global energy drink market was valued at $53 billion in 2018, with almost every one in two soft drinks purchased in the UK being an energy drink (BBC, 2018). Noticing the potential within this sector, Barr’s released a limited edition energy drink in 2006, Irn-Bru 32. Following great success and high demand, Barr’s released Irn-Bru Energy in July 2019. Sold in stores across Scotland, Ireland and the north of England, the drink combines the iconic flavour of Irn-Bru with caffeine and vitamins to produce a unique energy drink that stands out within the growing energy drink market. Irn-Bru Energy, which offers a sugar free alternative, contains 32mg of caffeine per 100ml; similar to that of a medium latte from high street coffee chains (Barrs, 2019).

SPAR Scotland

Launching on 1st July 2019, SPAR Scotland was the first to bring this energy drink to market. SPAR Scotland was able to achieve this in part by utilising their onsite distribution services. CJ Lang’s internal distribution service allowed for the product to be delivered to all 320 stores within one day of receiving Barr’s’ shipment, leading SPAR to become the first provider of Irn-Bru Energy drink ahead of competitors.

In order to maximise the visibility of the new Irn-Bru Energy drink, the products were each displayed in a minimum of two separate locations throughout the store: promotion end one, soft drinks chill and any additional undeclared promotional space. Point of sale was utilised within stores to highlight the new product, with posters, double sided shelf cards and a free standing unit widely used across the majority of stores.

Social media played a massive role in spreading the word and creating excitement around the launch of Barr’s Irn-Bru Energy. Prior to the launch, a two week teaser campaign began with a ‘Now Available’ campaign beginning 1st of July, the day the product launched in store. In addition, a Facebook competition was held a week after the launch, providing customers with the chance to win six cases of Irn-Bru Energy.


Ian Johnstone, Business Unit Director, AG Barr's

“You would have been forgiven if you thought the CJ Lang team had transferred over to work for AG Barr with the excitement and enthusiasm they showed towards the IRN BRU Energy launch! I found it hard to keep up with their ideas on how best to launch this within the SPAR estate in Scotland, in which they were first to market. CJ Lang were focused on distribution, merchandising and communication, as opposed to cost focused, which was a breath of fresh air. I would like to thank CJ Lang for this approach as it has paid back in droves for everyone”

Ian Johnstone, Business Unit Director, AG Barr's

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