SPAR Scotland recognises colleagues working behind the scenes

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The leading convenience retailer, SPAR Scotland, is sharing stories of dedicated staff who have been supporting the business through these challenging times.

Wholesale and convenience have been on the front line of helping people to adapt and respond to the coronavirus crisis, whilst also having to adapt to different circumstances and ways of working themselves.

Unprecedented situations have called for unprecedented responses, with every day brings new practical challenges and dilemmas. Nevertheless every member of the SPAR Scotland team has played a vital role in protecting their colleague’s safety and well-being at the same time as safeguarding business continuity, and for many, this has been a delicate balancing act of supporting better work and working practices.

As a result, a number of colleagues, many of whom work behind the scenes from all areas of the SPAR Scotland business, are being recognised for their hard work and service. These unsung heroes are the faces behind the SPAR brand in Scotland and at the forefront leading the change.


Colin McLean, CEO of SPAR Scotland, said: “We have a number of individuals who have gone above and beyond to support our business during the coronavirus crisis, working tirelessly to ensure people can work remotely for the first time, or field questions from colleagues concerned about their health, delivering supplies all over the country or serving customers in SPAR stores.


“We wanted to launch a new campaign to recognise the hard work and commitment of our people within SPAR Scotland and take some of our key workers and bring them to the forefront so our customers could also see the people behind the brand.

“The coronavirus outbreak is challenging every organisation, forcing us to rapidly adapt and rethink priorities. But it is also giving us a sense of purpose and belonging. The crisis has reminded us how much we all rely on the work of others – be it retail staff, delivery drivers, administration staff, all of whom are risking their lives to keep the rest of us fed, healthy and safe.

“I am proud to see the dedication of our team who are working hard behind the scenes to help SPAR Scotland adapt by balancing huge shifts in demand.

“These challenging times seem to be bringing out the best in our people and I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to our hard-working team. This crisis is a huge test for business agility and it will bring a new meaning to the idea of ‘team work’ that we have supported for so long,” he concluded.

The campaign is being rolled out via SPAR Scotland social media channels and website in January.


SPAR Scotland is a family owned Scottish wholesale and convenience business.

Click here to read more about the great team working behind the scenes at SPAR Scotland.

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