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On 12th June, in Aberdeen, Linda Pirie, the store manager from SPAR Holburn Street will live out the dreams of many, when she carries the Olympic Torch for part of its route through the UK before the Games begin.

Linda has worked for SPAR for over 20 years, and also serves as Northfields Community Council chairperson, and it was through her work in both, that CJ Lang’s Area Manager Bill Christie nominated her to Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Linda was shocked when she found out that she had not only been nominated, but that she actually had been chosen. “I’m just flattered by it all,” she says. I’m not too fazed at the moment, but that’s because my great grand-daughter is due and I’m sure I’ll have lots of butterflies. I just can’t believe I’m the only person on the whole of SPAR who’s doing it.”

Philippe Rondepierre, CJ Lang Business Development Controller, says: Linda has been loyal to us for 19 years, and we’re delighted she has been chosen for such an honourable role. Her dedication to the community is beyond admirable. She spends most of her free time on local issues and organising fun days and we believe this role gives her the recognition she deserves.”