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A St Monans florist provided the finishing touches for an Auld Kirk wedding scene from a new film starring Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth.

Janet Williamson, who operates her florist from the family run SPAR Store, stepped in at the last minute when the director decided the entire cast should have single white carnations on their lapels. The local businesswoman was given less than an hour to create 17 buttonholes.

Janet said: ''Norah, the church session clerk, rushed into the shop with a woman who turned out to be the props buyer for the film. She said she needed 17 buttonholes made for a wedding scene. She wanted carnations and some fern. I suggested adding some tin foil because that's what they would have used in that era.

“Then she asked if it could be done within half an hour. I said there was no chance but Norah and the props buyer offered to help and we managed to get it done in 45 minutes. I've never worked to such a tight deadline before.''

However, Janet said the impromptu contract was no more lucrative than any other.

''I just charged them what I normally charge,'' she said. ''Some people said I should get a mention in the end credits or an invitation to the premiere but I don't know about that. I'm just pleased that I'll get to see my buttonholes in the finished film.''

The wedding scene is one of the happier moments from the harrowing Second World War epic The Railway Man, the story of Scottish prisoner of war Eric Lomax. The cast and crew of the multi-million pound production rolled into St Monans on Saturday and attracted dozens of celebrity spotters in their wake.

As well as visiting St Monans, Firth and Kidman shot scenes at Perth railway station, which was transformed into a Victorian version of Edinburgh Waverley for the film. Production now moves to Thailand and Australia, before its release next year.

SPAR St Monans is no stranger to the big screen! Only recently, the presenter of the BBC documentary series Coast, Nicholas Crane, visited the store to collect the key for the Windmill, which the store holds and Janet was filmed handing the key over. The episode is expected to air later in the year.