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SPAR Sanquhar Store Manager Lisa Black was so moved by the passing of young local man Lindsey Thomson in March this year that she decided to offer £100 of SPAR vouchers for prizes at the ‘Lindsay Thomson’ Charity Bash, which was held last week and raised around £900.

Lindsay suffered chronic lung problems, meaning he relied on oxygen most of his life and so his mum Andrea is helping to raise money, to buy supplies that the local area needs to help others with similar conditions to Lindsay.

Lisa explains why she wanted to help “Lindsey was only a couple of years younger than me and we used to always be at the local clinic together. He was a nice young man I wanted to help them out, as I know the family have had a lot to deal with over the years and I would like to think if I or my mum was doing something to help the charities that I have been involved in with all my problems, the local community would help out too.”

The vouchers were funded by money through the sale of carrier bags at SPAR Sanquhar. The initiative, which has seen over a staggering £180,000 being raised for local charities since its launch in 2008, donates the 2p charge from every ‘single use’ carrier bag sold.

Every 2p is collected and donated to a locally nominated charity, benefitting not only the local area in which SPAR serves, but also positively impacting on the environment. Such is the case that SPAR has reduced its carrier bag usage by over 40% since the launch of the scheme.

Store Manager Lisa added that the scheme is a fantastic way to give back to our local community in a way that’s supported by our customers, whilst at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.”
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