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SPAR St Andrews, owned and operated by CJ Lang and Son Limited has recently donated a generous £5,000 to TCCL Lodge.

The money was raised through the sale of single use carrier bags, which since October 2014 cost customers 5p per bag.

TCCL Lodge – the facility is a holiday home in St Andrews. The charity has been providing quality support to families with children who suffer from Cancer or Leukaemia since their founding in 1994. The diagnosis of Cancer or Leukaemia in a child causes tremendous stress for families who struggle physically, practically, emotionally and financially with the intensive, intrusive treatment regime and the inevitable disruption it brings to family life. More often than not, one parent may have to give up work to care for the child in hospital at a time when they are faced with significant extra expenditure. This is where TCCL aims to help with psychosocial support, travel support and holiday support.

Rosalie Wilkie, Chairman for TCCL Lodge, said: “TCCL Lodge committee are delighted to receive the wonderful donation of £5000 from SPAR. We are delighted that local businesses and population continue to support the TCCL Lodge project. We estimate that it costs around £500 per week to offer a free holiday to the families. We will use your donation to make the children and families’ holiday special. Thank you so much”

David Soffietti, SPAR St Andrews Store Manager, said: “The TCCL Lodge is an amazingly well equipped and furnished holiday home and benefits the families that are most in need of some normal family time.  This facility touches the heart of the local community and SPAR St Andrews is very proud to be able to help with this donation”