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SPAR Thornbush, owned and operated by CJ Lang and Son Limited has recently donated a generous £2,000 to Highland Disability Sport Charity.

The money was raised through the sale of single use carrier bags, which since October 2014 cost customers 5p per bag.

Highland Disability Sport coordinates all sport and leisure activities for people with learning, physical and sensory disabilities in the Highlands, regardless of age and ability. People with disabilities have many life challenges, and if they can be encouraged to become physically active through sports participation, then this will contribute to their physical and emotional wellbeing, increasing their confidence and feeling of self – worth. Highland Disability Sport organises sports events throughout the year, across the Highlands, for both adults and children.

Highland Disability Sport officer Charlie Forbes, who accepted the cheque, said the cash would go towards taking local youngsters with learning disabilities to the Special Olympics in Sheffield, next August.

“It was a great surprise when I heard SPAR was making this donation and a great boost to our fundraising efforts”, he said.

Stephen Fraser, Area manager for SPAR Scotland, said: “We are thrilled to be handing over this donation to our local charity- Highland Disability Sport”.

Picture (left to right)
Disability representative Charlie Forbes, Store manager Anne Breathet and staff members Lorna and Stacy