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SPAR Stonehouse, owned and operated by CJ Lang and Son Limited has recently donated a generous £500 to the Stonehouse Old Folk Welfare Committee.

The money was raised through the sale of single use carrier bags, which cost customers 5p per bag.

Stonehouse Old Folks Welfare Committee aim to provide entertainment to senior citizens who have difficulty’s socialising. The committee aims to organising social and recreational events and improve conditions of life for its members.

The group has recently had a reduction in funding which has impacted on the number and quality of the trips and meals they are able to provide to their members, many of whom are customers at SPAR Stonehouse.

President McLeish from the Old Folks Welfare Committee said: “We are an Old Folks Association founded in 1948 for the benefit of the local senior citizens of the community. We are very grateful to Spar, and appreciate their generosity in making this donation.

David Cunningham, Area manager for Spar Stonehouse said: “We were delighted to be given the opportunity to support the Stonehouse Old Folk Welfare Committee; the valuable support they provide for the elderly people of Stonehouse is appreciated by the whole community.”